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Bash Girl

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Bash Girl Game Information

Bash Girl
LiFe.1 Entertainment
You have a big stick. Use it! Beat the stuffing out of an assortment of weirdos and creeps: old men in their underwear, cross-dressing geisha, wanna-be thugs. They all deserve a good thrashing!
TEEN+   (more info)
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Girl Games
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Total AG Ratings: 258

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147 Reviews
prettygirlllll1998 (over a month ago)

This games it the stupides games ever i mean hitintg is so boring

shontesskabird1999 (over a month ago)


austin076 (over a month ago)

stupid dont every play ever

pinkhorse18407 (over a month ago)

OMG she is like me!

Pyroru (over a month ago)

I love this game.

rockerchick16 (over a month ago)

I Feel that this game doesn't need to have much thought to it. I just click randomly and hope for the best and its good to get out anger at the end of the day.

NinjaAssain07 (over a month ago)

I didn't like this game... it's boring and stupid..

LaniJaykaye (over a month ago)

Stupid like no lie wtf!>:o

jenee011 (over a month ago)

wow girls can fight

i_luvpandas (over a month ago)