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Don't Shoot The Puppy

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Don't Shoot The Puppy Game Information

Don't Shoot The Puppy
Please don't shoot the puppy. Please don't.
TEEN+   (more info)
Whatever you do, DON'T shoot the puppy.
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Total AG Ratings: 21,253

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15,975 Reviews
Jluke275 (over a month ago)

it's drop the hammer you idiot.

Pinkdemon88 (over a month ago)

got to lv 8. lemme just say I HAD TO MOVE THE HAMMER!!!!!!!!!

Rangerjk8 (over a month ago)

Penguin that is a fake add that the game makes and you are supposed to ignore it

Penguinsarethebest (over a month ago)

How does anyone get past the BS of level 3?

Penguinsarethebest (over a month ago)

Not a bad game, but I hate level 3 because there's this stupid ad that shows up that will cause me to have no choice but to shoot the puppy.

ewinter (over a month ago)

i hate this with a burning passion

addictinggames93 (over a month ago)

haha funy

Pixelgamer15 (over a month ago)

you just need patience

the_boss_trickshot (over a month ago)

level seven sucks so I just shot the puppy about 15 times in a row #ragemode

HelpMeOrHurtMe (over a month ago)

I failed... because my screen fell asleep. I shot the puppy waking up my screen. Note to all of you: TURN OFF YOUR SCREEN TIME OUT.