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Game Information

Parking Perfection 3 - The Exam
This instructor's arse is water-tight like a dolphin. Park like a pro or the game's over.
TEEN+   (more info)
Arrow keys to steer and drive. Spacebar for emergency brake!
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6,152,407   (93 today)

Total AG Ratings: 3,373

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1,709 Reviews
thenarwhal (over a month ago)
they spelled curb wrong they spelled it like kerb not curb
flyornah123 (over a month ago)
the games hard and the language is tottaly whicked
zeroskull17 (over a month ago)
GamerzReview (over a month ago)
It's Cool & Good Add Me by GamerzReview
joeybot1000 (over a month ago)
the language is cool, but the game is really hard other wise...
iloveharrystyles01 (over a month ago)
SuperFireBlaze (over a month ago)
This game is stupied!!!!!!! bad language too!!!!
Sparkleina (over a month ago)
I mean was instead of bag.
cocoz14 (over a month ago)
i mean was instead of bag
cocoz14 (over a month ago)
what the heck bad language what happend if a little kid was playing bag game take it off the website