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Game Information

London Bus Parking
AddictingGames and Gang of Gamers
Allo, Mate! Welcome aboard me true-blue London-style double-decker bus. We drive like madmen, nat - if'n I lose a few passengers, well, mustn't grumble, eh?
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
arrow keys - steer the bus space - brake and skip screens
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1,735 Reviews
manvirk21 (over a month ago)
How do you turn?
Ashlyn Smith (over a month ago)
Hey liz I will be your friend
liz rocks (over a month ago)
it is 2015
liz rocks (over a month ago)
anyone wanna be my friend if not youll r stupid
lizzy liz rocks671 (over a month ago)
everything is awsome everything is cool when youve thought of a team
lizzy liz rocks671 (over a month ago)
omg i hate this level cuz i am trying to park the bus but it wont let me and my passengers keep flyin off and i loose then and i hate it please give me cheats or hints pretty please cuz i need help on the game and i want some friends if anybody who is a girl 12 to 13 give me a friend request bye bye
lizzy liz rocks (over a month ago)
i have killd like 22 people already cuz first i killed 12 then14then16 and then bout 5 other passengers flew off and i got in trouble cuz im a wreckles driver and chose to be a wreckles driver but only this 1 time next i will be as careful as i can haha like i will so hahahahaha
lizzy liz rocks (over a month ago)
everything is awsome in my world on the lego movie i was in it
lizzy liz rocks (over a month ago)
most awsome game ever besides paps bureria on coolmath
sadat123 (over a month ago)
everything is AWESOME!!!:]