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Ways Hero

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Ways Hero Game Information

Ways Hero
So when people get sliced, is that blood and urine mixed together? Sometimes you just don't know what people are made of. Use your sword before you get handed your severed head.
TEEN+   (more info)
WASD to move J to attack K to jump see in game help for other moves
Action Games
Bloody Fighting
192,987   (1 today)

Total AG Ratings: 26

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15 Reviews
kaede187 (over a month ago)

Don't like it, 2nd boss is hard

myelner (over a month ago)

great game

loshad4 (over a month ago)

i so hate this game it is so boring so to me it is not an rpg

-francis- (over a month ago)

its ok. but its stupid at the same time. ? add me. :]

Jenny89 (over a month ago)

this game is superb ! LOVE IT !

Kenku (over a month ago)

It says "please press mouse button" but I press it over and over and over and nothing happens.

CounterSrike1.6Source (over a month ago)

The 1st boss was hard and i hate it

bloodhand (over a month ago)

could it be any worse!!!

senatorsarethebestDP (over a month ago)

not the best

BurningTrain (over a month ago)

is the dialog sappoused to be bad? The main feature of the game, the fighting, consists entirely of mashing the same button and hoping you're on the same row as your enemy. if you wait a minute before each battle, your special move meter just rejenerates, and you can have a full blast every fight! also, there's no point to leveling since you don't get to choose anything. The game's idea of lengthening itself is by having everything but bosses have identical twins that come in when the other one ... more >>