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Keybol and Kreig
Feeling super? Great! Switch your character identities between mild-mannered civilians and awesomely super-powered heroes. Crush criminals with careful falls; your silent partner is Mr. Gravity. And he never sleeps! Be careful not to injure innocent bystanders. Because, like, they are the people you are supposed to protect, right? Right.
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29 Reviews
Giuseppe13 (over a month ago)
I couldn't agree with CStew anymore. IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE A RIP OFF OF THE AVENGERS! That's the whole idea! Besides that doesn't make the game bad. This is one of my favorite platformers on AG.
hector367 (over a month ago)
CStew (over a month ago)
Despite what anyone else says, I actually found this game to be enjoyable and quite a good time waster. Duh it's a rip off of the Avengers, that's the whole point. As an action puzzler, it has interesting game mechanics (some characters who are support and some who kill) and it's a fun little game to waste some time (that's the point of AddictingGames, right?) No need to hate.
troopdawgs (over a month ago)
issaebinladen (over a month ago)
is this game supposed to be difficult?
jacksonaune2001 (over a month ago)
IPOOP3DMYPANTS (over a month ago)
dumbest game ever
gandalfthegrey102 (over a month ago)
Its fun but it FREAKIN COPIED OFF THE AVENGERS! all of them are copies
No001Cheesehead (over a month ago)
the reason i hate this game isnt because its hard, because it isn't so lets get that out of the way first, its just stupid with no entertainment value at all.
reggie713 (over a month ago)
this is mimicry and weird add me