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Sift Heads 0: The Starting Point Game Information

Sift Heads 0: The Starting Point
Vinnie's adventure begins when his evil cat rips Teddy's head off. Pick up a gun and shoot the evil cat to avenge Teddy`s death. Show no mercy!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
Stick Figure
59,757   (1,035 today)

Total AG Ratings: 26

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13 Reviews
Jeremiah88 (3 days ago)

I love the challenges in this game nun of you people can do it exept the people that love this game

MrSpooks (15 days ago)

this game is not impossible!

ILoveGames5142 (19 days ago)

Amazing game, I loved it. And for the people who are stuck on the cop mission, you have to focus on killing the shooter first, then you can kill the driver.

otakuwizard90 (20 days ago)

This game is hard

Sh4dow1485 (28 days ago)

It's a good game just um uhhh, give the player a bit more than the logic of you die in 3 bullet shots when it's hard to aim at the cops and they take many more bullets to just kill one of them, you could try giving us at least a little bit more health since giving the cops less health takes even more away from the challenge than you want to.

raichu418 (over a month ago)

this game is horrible the cop car mission is impossible at least make to where you can doge the cops bullets.

sandstormhuss (over a month ago)

this game is so hard

sandstormhuss (over a month ago)

how do u get the cat out

damonswent12 (over a month ago)

best game

loser064 (over a month ago)

This game sux and i am the 3rd 2 write a review