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Epic Celeb Brawl: Punch The Trump Game Information

Epic Celeb Brawl: Punch The Trump
Brutal Studio
Welcome to the Epic Celeb Brawl series! Hit him with a low and high punch! Buy special weapons, such as a baseball bat, ninja stars, gold bars and more! Master all the special combo moves. Have fun and shut him up once and for all!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Right, Left, Right, Left = Bitch Slap
Left, Right, Right = This is Sparta kick
Left, Left, Right Right = Karate Chop
Left, Right, Right = Hadoken
Left, Right, Left = Back Slap
Action Games
Celebrity Fighting
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Total AG Ratings: 30

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25 Reviews
samyzain510 (over a month ago)

I laugh it's Obama vs trump

KayKayTooBad (over a month ago)

Knowing how Trump said and did some REALLY bad things, this game makes me feel much better because I can be able to let my anger out in a fun I take this seriously in a fun manner!fabulous way!

Kent074 (over a month ago)

thanks for the aswome game!

MangyOrange (over a month ago)

Obama.. hahahahahahaha

cheesypoptarts100 (over a month ago)

I know but this game has given a good chance to prove how horrible this world has become

Anthony10019 (over a month ago)

cheesypoptarts if you don't lit then stop "posting" dislikes and keep going back

NeonNinja9 (over a month ago)

cheesypoptarts100 this game is just for fun you are taking it too seriously

novablue619 (over a month ago)

best game ever wish i could do it in real life thogh

tahirguy (over a month ago)

very violence

SPICEOFLIFE (over a month ago)

It is satisfying! This is the first time tho' that I've seen a game have a disclaimer explaining that it is a parody...must be because it involves trump? They have done games about Senator Hillary, Pres.Obama and more before, without this. Hmm, must be a "tell" about trump psyche???