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Platformy adventuring, but with a twist. You can don three colored suits: each one useful in certain circumstances!
ALL AGES   (more info)
WASD to move; R for controls and elevators; JKL to switch colors
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699 Reviews
mike_a_nike (over a month ago)
dope game glitches a lot but i love it! got to 52 then started over
ProudBeatle (over a month ago)
The lag is painful
animallova567 (over a month ago)
omg i <3 this game but it keeps on glitching D: but its like the best game ever especially the music
PhantomFingers (over a month ago)
I've been looking for this game for a month... I missed it.
harith123 (over a month ago)
stuck on 27 (death chamber) anyone? please help me....
nightgig101 (over a month ago)
just cant stop playing... :P
cutie rawrz (over a month ago)
i hate how you can only use wasd not the arrow keys this game was built for left handed people other than that its a pretty good game
redangel (over a month ago)
thanks luloopy, that was very helpful. AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LilPee42 (over a month ago)
awsome game
luloopy1 (over a month ago)
the game is really fun and lvl 10 is actually easy this is what you do: 1. when there is a blue looking circle by the enemy you put an ice block there 2. when he hits the ice he will turn around then you turn to the red guy and use your fire on him you will meed to do that 3 times (TIP. turn to the yellow person and be invisible and you cant get hurt) I really hope that this helps! Plz answer saying if it helped or not.