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Pretentious Game 3

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Pretentious Game 3 Game Information

Pretentious Game 3
Jeeves, solve this puzzle for me! My hands are covered in caviar s'mores! That's what really important people eat, right? Pretentious Game 3 is more than just an important person. It is the most important video game since the beginning of when you started reading this. Try to solve its riddles before your caviar gets cold ... er, colder.
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191 Reviews
rosie16715 (over a month ago)

i finished this game a long time ago i tried again and this is a good website, thank u addictinggames u have made me love ur website

kawii cat rainbow spots (over a month ago)

yea its a good its just that i cant get past level three for the grey block its SO HARDDD but good game!!!!!!

KaJe3 (over a month ago)

it was a little hard on the first level for the player but other than that its SUPER fun! I recommend it!

YumiTheAnimeGal (over a month ago)

I think its a bit hard

roschelgaming (over a month ago)

i like it but its hard

rosie160 (over a month ago)

This game is so fun! but also hard. but this is a puzzle game so this is how its suppose to be.

BellaBae (over a month ago)

Loveee this game soooo much!! Has such a strong meaning to it and was to fun to play!!<3

lucyboo76 (over a month ago)

I hate this website. Your website is slow, non-responsive, and all together a piece of garbage and a load of crap. I do enjoy this game but I cannot get past the "I was lost in my delusions of grandeur." section. This game is extremely good but that level I have not yet passed and your website is completely and utterly a disgrace to the entire online gaming community.

XxpelitgunxX (over a month ago)

i hate this game it is horible on the one you had to use the mouse it did not let me

Justina144 (over a month ago)

this is a game but i cry :( This game is instructive to those who have heart understand