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Power Vacuum
Hybrid Mind Studios
Use you mouse to scoop the little electrons to the nucleus. But there are obstacles, horrible nasty obstacles. Work quickly, my quantum friends!
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Total AG Ratings: 384

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176 Reviews
sassy16 (over a month ago)
I don't rlly think this game is rlly " Fun ", but anyways, i rlly look 4 games w/ amusment, this is hard, hallenging, and, rlly, ( truthfully) Boring!?!, Any 1 with me on that? mmmmm, guess not, Oh well. 2 Bad 4 U, Have fun anyways! (:-o) :) (:
Soccer roxx (over a month ago)
best game ever!
cperez54 (over a month ago)
yeah that was me :)! 65
overlanderjoe (over a month ago)
I understand different opinions, but would it hurt if some of you elaborate on why you hate it?
nikki-kid (over a month ago)
guh. it needs to not have time limit.
Dain919 (over a month ago)
its ok....
TehJawa (over a month ago)
Pointless. Gravity cat not amused
3iit (over a month ago)
omg i just started this is stupid
addicted2429 (over a month ago)
78 first try!!!!!!!!!!! so close rite!!!!
cute girl 91 (over a month ago)
look at my profile and ya know those little signs like this ♥♦♣♠█ ↑◘◙♪♫ ill tell you how to type them all you have to do is ask