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Sergey Dragan
You need to drop a fresh paddle every time the ball comes down. Think ahead and play faster! Too hard? Check out free play. No high score, but no pressure, really. We swear.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse-button to place your bouncer; drag to tilt your bouncer; mouse-release to set your bouncer
Action Games
Hard High Scores
95   (51 today)

Total AG Ratings: 1,075

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694 Reviews
Lilyissocool (over a month ago)
very hard, but ill thumb it up because its addicting ;)
DatApple (over a month ago)
The concept of the game can be broken by quickly clicking where the ball will be.
truestory420 (over a month ago)
this is stuped
pancakes2012 (over a month ago)
so dumb makes so sence
TheresaBabe97 (over a month ago)
sttttttuuuuuupppppiiiiieeeeddddd.!!!! makes no sence
SuperCoolFlyingAlbinoGorilla (over a month ago)
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! aaaaaaand im wrong
Sora12177 (over a month ago)
this game is stupid
SkiGirlXOX (over a month ago)
I don't like this game. Add me if you guys want! :D
B R (over a month ago)
Score 12345 4 lives Bad Game dont no why i played it as much as i did
jade101203 (over a month ago)
not fun at all