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Orc Assault Game Information

Orc Assault
Ninja Kiwi Games
Hate Orcs? Great! There's a kingdom that's crawling with orcan vermin, and your sword-swinging skills are all that stands between human survival and orc-town!
TEEN+   (more info)
WASD to move; Mouse to fight; Q/E to swap weapons; F to repair barricades; G to regroup your forces
Action Games
Bloody Fighting Tower Defense War
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Total AG Ratings: 2,989

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1,931 Reviews
Smashkill12 (over a month ago)

gandaldoortheblue and awp705 know whats up this game is great and has so much room for improvement. Great game but has so much potential for upgrades. like upgrading the footsoldiers or maybe the shredders. Idk, maybe another castle that challenges you after the orcs as a sequel or maybe you could spend money to have another kingdom ally with you for a number of turns to help with the harder levels. You could even build guard towers or automatic crossbows on the barricades. I do think that the... more >>

McMaki (over a month ago)

i love this game, add me :)

midevilmadness (over a month ago)

i would love this game but after round 40 the game glitches and keeps moving me I'm going to dislike it but is one of my favorites.

awp705 (over a month ago)


awp705 (over a month ago)

I knew I left 1 out! Necromancer-(the orc wizards)

awp705 (over a month ago)

add uruk-hai! also, you should be able to play as an elf or dwarf, or maybe even an orc. I'm just stating all the things that could be better about this game. Its great the way it is, but it could be better.

XbOxMaStA (over a month ago)

this game is awesome but if u make a sequel put lots of more a more enemies to easy even on hard

gamerguy01 (over a month ago)

this game is awsome u should make a number 2 and make the weapons less spendy:)

GandalDoorTheBlue (over a month ago)

its a fun game but i fell it can be developed further. maby you can implement more bows and some upgrades to the weapons itself like Ice Sword of Slaying and make more maps to fight on, a cavern would be cool and a multi floored castle and some special baddy's like flying or tunneling enemy. This all would make a great orc Assault 2. Love the game, keep up the good work

Madsamurai218821 (over a month ago)

This game is amazing. I'm really good at it :D