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Monster Poolside Sumo

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Monster Poolside Sumo Game Information

Monster Poolside Sumo
There’s a sumo ring in the pool. But instead of wrestlers, you get to play some goober on an inflatable pool toy. Remember, no Pool Sumo until after a half hour after you eat.
TEEN+   (more info)
Use Left and Right Arrows to turn and Up Arrow to move forward.
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Total AG Ratings: 25

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8 Reviews
pool843 (over a month ago)

pretty fun

Peann (over a month ago)

What is the point of this game? Does anyone understand that if you make a game, there should be a reason? Well that's just my opinion.. = |

totalko24 (over a month ago)

this game is pretty cool but i wouldnt play it all the time

Jenny89 (over a month ago)

pretty cool

SweetCowGurl91 (over a month ago)

i dont like it theres no point to this game

LITTLE LATION SAINT1!!!!!!!!! (over a month ago)

scarin me

mallow6274 (over a month ago)

this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LightningFast4 (over a month ago)

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