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Magical Stationery

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Magical Stationery Game Information

Magical Stationery
Click to explore this ordinary-looking room. It's full of extraordinary objects! Spooky!
TEEN+   (more info)
Click on objects to activate them!
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Total AG Ratings: 309

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129 Reviews
ana443 (over a month ago)

idiotic game ....

mickeymouse7 (over a month ago)

not fun at all

oppyalat (over a month ago)

kinda nasty

PrincessZora (over a month ago)

The commercials can't be taken off because addicting games is free. If they take the commercials then they can't have the website. The items on the commercials pay addicting games to put the ads on thier site and without profit they can't have a site so stop because it's not going to do anything. If you agree add your name to this list and SPREAD, SPREAD, SPREAD!!! Peanut Wizard Dr fizzleIII Princesszora tankum

dl1453 (over a month ago)

not even fun.... you just click everywhere and hope that you click in the right spot to activate stupid things.... H-o-r-R-I-b-L-e

peterk (over a month ago)

what was even the point of making tis stupid game it is the worst game ever how did 30% of peope like it they must have been stupid

Girly Girl Cutiepie (over a month ago)

w wo wor worst worst g worst ga worst gam worst game worst game e worst game ev worst game eve worst game ever worst game eve worst game ev worst game e worst game worst gam worst ga worst g worst wors wor wo w

s0ccerboy65432 (over a month ago)

I 4 1 agree with gekoguy

bluegirl7_us06 (over a month ago)

easy if u know what to click b4 time runs out but very point less

amberrdoodless(: (over a month ago)

for everyone who spells like "dis" spell words right. thats why they made a dictionary. your not texting on the computer. i liked it but it needs more time.