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Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven

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Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Game Information

Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven
Run and jump through the 8-bit dungeon... Smash the orbs, defeat the boss!
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12 Reviews
Eclypsion (over a month ago)

Doesn't Let Me Customize Controls -_- WHAT DO YOU MEAN CONFLICTS EXIST

shouldbeworking01 (over a month ago)

very nice game. Did you find the wings yet (legit wings, not the glider)?

freddy fredbear (over a month ago)

esse demoniosinho ganho muita coisa legal

SarvesPro (over a month ago)

Awesome game! I give it 10/10. I had a glitch though I died at the second level boss i got hit while falling in the green acid and I was just stuck there with boss trying to attack me. I'm guessing it is because I died twice at the same time ( to boss attack and acid ). But still really nice game

tehgoodcat (over a month ago)

This game is super cute. And I love Rouge-likes.

UpInSmoke420 (over a month ago)

Game won't start? Just a black box with green numbers? Am I stupid or something? xD

Swaggeroniandcheese (over a month ago)

this is awesome level four personall high score

Y sO sErIoUs (over a month ago)

Hate the game in which there is another button for jump cpmmon u can add the up arrow for jump -_- -_- and the worst game

Awolfismysoul (over a month ago)

Well when you first start the game the title screen music reminds me of a certain game (Legend of Zelda). The backstory is ALOT like Legend Zelda. But when the lil' monster dude (I guess devil?..) wants to make darkness rule well hmm what game that's been made does THAT sound like? The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Where Minda for a long time says "Oh the twilight world so much better!" The making controls what you want I won't pick on much many games I like have that like Metroid. It has a... more >>

DestinyIntwined (over a month ago)

It's honestly like a shovel knight esque game combining elements from other games like at full health you can shoot beams with your attack but at below max health you can't (Legend of Zelda) and you have falling damage from great heights (Bubsy games)