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Dragon Dash

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Dragon Dash Game Information

Dragon Dash
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It's a race against time as you guide a dragon through the caverns, while collecting balls of light. Some of the weirdest controls I've ever seen... Space Bar to go up, release to go down.
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space - press to lift up, release to go down.
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Total AG Ratings: 112

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61 Reviews
hooplabric2 (over a month ago)

This is... kewl.

nathaniel268 (over a month ago)

this game is awesome!

slush44 (over a month ago)

i got 24736 and a crazy 340 km/h :D

MehBagells (over a month ago)

Somebody call 911, dragon fire buring on the dance floor :o Whoa... O_o

TROLLOLOL69 (over a month ago)

u look hot

creamicow (over a month ago)

I don't think what I did made a differnce

Bubblybot (over a month ago)

heres how you do it: do NOT hold down the space bar! keep tapping the space bar to maintain your height, if you start bouncing, hold the space for a bit when you go down, and you wont bounce off the bottom, but if you hold it down too long, you'll hit the top. collect the orbs! they give you more points.

BrainiacBTR (over a month ago)

Pretty good game but my eyes hurt cause of the lighting

cell999 (over a month ago)

what is the point of this game???

MajesticSnow (over a month ago)

fun. same concept as a bunch of other games but the dragon always bounces off the walls no matter what xD