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Don't Whack Your Teacher Game Information

Don't Whack Your Teacher
Ace Viral - Box10
Find all the different ways to Whack Your Teacher by using the objects in the room.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
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Total AG Ratings: 645

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306 Reviews
ShyLol123 (3 days ago)

dude wtf is up with this game like seriously it's to gory and lame

GeekSquadGaming (4 days ago)

This is the WORST GAME EVER. too gory and lots of blood. Who would want to brutally assasinate their poor little unassuming teacher?!! THIS IS APPROVING MURDER!!!!!

BEAST_NATION (6 days ago)

the book was the funniest so far

makayla1293 (6 days ago)

I like the cord and chair the are good weapons to use

kiiryu (11 days ago)

Hahaha I couldn't stop laughing

melanthaxkr (15 days ago)

I love the animations and how it's mostly B&W except for the blood and lit objects. It suits the game well, since it is set at school it looks like drawings on paper. I enjoy searching for the useable objects - some of them are well hidden and/or unlikely, and I love how they're everyday objects, which just makes this funnier. The audio is perfect for each animation too, and the music suits the school life. The game lags a little sometimes but other than that this game is great! People who disli... more >>

thatgamerpal (16 days ago)

I played this game whilst I was in school and might I add that it absolutely was an extreme stress reliever since I hate this place lmao :)!!!!!!! Thanks a lot, from a pal who is showing their true care

topdestroyer125 (18 days ago)

this is funny

KittenGamer21 (19 days ago)

The poor teacher. This was really upsetting, seeing as he did nothing wrong! Teachers are usually very dedicated and nice. This is terrible.

HEL123 (20 days ago)

evil side: *kills teacher* yes !!! good side: oh no