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Don't Whack Your Teacher Game Information

Don't Whack Your Teacher
Ace Viral - Box10
Find all the different ways to Whack Your Teacher by using the objects in the room.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
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Total AG Ratings: 690

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332 Reviews
poopbuttyess (11 days ago)

its ok

PrimusReborn (14 days ago)

i like the backpack

maddyB2000 (14 days ago)

its great, because some people don't like teachers and others do, the people who don't like teachers get the happiness of hitting their teachers without actually hitting them, they get to have fun without hurting anyone!!

THEAirbat1016 (16 days ago)

Horrible sound effects

gamertester (18 days ago)

its a bad game for children cause they r going to think its ok to kill the teachers u r dumb and stupid who ever made this game u should be ashamed of ur self for making this game!!!!!!!!!

GamingDudeOfGames (26 days ago)

It good end gory (misspelled on purpose.)

JWaddel23 (27 days ago)

what did the teacher made you do math in classroom

Thecatkid12 (over a month ago)

This game is boring. All you do is try to kill your teacher. This is also a bad influence for children. Do you want children to become killers?:(

my name but I want to die (over a month ago)

im just laughing at how people think this is going to affect kids and all that, the game even gives a warning and most of this things a kid cant do... well, maybe yes but still, is just a game

thatcritick73099 (over a month ago)

the fact is that no student that small could take over a teacher of that size and no I'm not calling him fat I'm just saying that is nearly impossible