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Arachnophilia Game Information

Dig Your Own Grave
Oh yeah, kickin' it Spider-style! Get your eight-legged thrills by munching on juicy insects and spinning bodacious webs. It's a pimp life, being a spider, y'all.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse control; click to move your spider; click and drag to spin webs; click insects to eat them.
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Total AG Ratings: 446

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262 Reviews
Gameknight64 (over a month ago)

This game is one of the better games

fireman327 (over a month ago)

youre like maling a spider web

StegosaurusTsunami78 (over a month ago)

This is one of the old games you'll love to play again.

jhonny565 (over a month ago)

dont like it

Beansie (over a month ago)

I LOVE this game its really fun and addicting :)

deathcheat1057 (over a month ago)

this is definatley one of my favorite games two thumbs up

Knightwolf6 (over a month ago)

iz not bad. kinda fast but still ok.

Timmis_of_AG (over a month ago)

ok i had like a great web goin... so good it lagged and every centimetere had like 15 bugs (exageratin, but it was alot) and somthin came along and broke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tip: dont bother making it look nice, just make as much web as you can. great game

swanson4492 (over a month ago)

i love this game the best way to win is scatter your web every where

Timmis_of_AG (over a month ago)

great game. a bug broke my whole web. lol... wow my computer ment on sleep after like 3 secs of not usin it... great bame btw.