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Lee Miller
That's So Grayven. That's what Antichromatic would be called if it was a family television show. Thankfully, it's not. It's a mind-bending, metaphysical adventure in which everything isn't black and white. And best of all, there's no laugh track.
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Action Games
Escape Hard
76,947   (87 today)

Total AG Ratings: 34

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37 Reviews
JBNJQKBOGD (19 days ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
mreicawesomeness (over a month ago)
In the room that says you have, 'Sometimes to move forward, we must go back' you literally have to go back to the first room then those little platform thingys. You jump up those and there should be a doorway blocked with white bricks. Shoot those and you go to another room. At the end of the room there is the black gun. Go back the way you came and jump up the rest of the platforms and there is another doorway blocked with black bricks. Shoot those, another room. Hope this helps.
xxnate0623xx (over a month ago)
It's not bugged, its just really challenging.... Took me 57:27, 214 deaths, 854 color swaps. It's hard to figure out some of the rooms... sometimes I was just hitting buttons as fast as I could even though I knew the combos. Hand-eye coordination is a must. For those of you stuck on that "move forward" room, you have to go ALL the way to the left after acquiring double jump. This is almost as challenging as N (but certainly just as frustrating)!
Lopmendz (over a month ago)
roblox but this is fun but hard
caeden2001 (over a month ago)
I love it. It's a cool game, but how do you get past the part where there are a lot of ninja star things and you have to switch dimensions a bunch? I keep dying!!!!!!!
Mr Stick11 (over a month ago)
How do you get past the part where it says "Sometimes to move forward, we must go back."?
JOE1700 (over a month ago)
best game I have played in a while. make a second one!!!
TheDennis2 (over a month ago)
How do you get past the part where it says "Sometimes to move forward, we must go back."?
donutcookies123 (over a month ago)
hard, fun, and addicting! greatest platform game ever
Shattered Tragedy (over a month ago)
I did it! :D 132 deaths almost an hour 54 minutes 715 color swaps! GG! :D