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Acid Bunny
Ooh no! Acid Bunny had a flashback and accidentally killed one of his friends. Help him patch up the friendship finding all body parts, a needle, and lots of thread. Along the way wipe out acid spying opponents using carrots and other aids.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Arrow keys = Move
A = Throw carrots
S to dismount or let go
P or ESC to pause
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Bloody Cute Random
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Total AG Ratings: 34

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21 Reviews
IjustWannaPlayGamesxo (over a month ago)
ILOVE5SOS I'm sorry that you feel that way maybe you are too young to play this game, or just don't want to believe that stuff like this happens...? Anyway, I work at a place like this it's sad to see but things like this happens. SO SHUTUP PLAY THE FREAKIN GAME AND THAT THIS AS A WARNING. -thank you :)
IjustWannaPlayGamesxo (over a month ago)
Pretty good game, kind of dark and twisted would not let people under 13 play.
Sussloaf (over a month ago)
the game is fun but the background is terrible
933760 (over a month ago)
iLove5SOS (over a month ago)
suicide and drugs can be a very triggering subject, and is a bad idea to put it into a game that is supposed to be fun. I definitely don't recommend this game to any players. especially if you are sensitive to this kind of stuff.
lilz2000 (over a month ago)
tomboycroud (over a month ago)
I agree with you Apluspretty
Apluspretty (over a month ago)
i like the idea of the game and the story, but there are too many places to go which can get confusing and you die too easily.
NyanCat811 (over a month ago)
Nyan Nyan nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan
BoltiThorni (over a month ago)
some1 make dis a creepypasta if not ill do it ( v , v /) - ( le moi do it)